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Our modern fleet, the superstructures of the vehicles are optimised for transportation and our staff are trained according to the ADR standards, which guarantee that your cargo always reaches its destination safely.
We are at your disposal with our fleet of over 200 vehicles suitable for transportation of silo and chemical products or industrial gases.

Every vehicle and driver has the necessary protective equipment and the required distinguishing marks.
Great attention is paid to cleanness and our quality assurance system is an additional guarantee for our clients.
We transport all dangerous goods which can be transported on tautliners or temperature- controlled trailers, except dangerous goods Class 1 (explosives) and 7 (radioactive materials).

We have been transporting dangerous goods for 20 years. Our location area is the whole Europe.

Révész Trans Kft., the flagship of Révész Group, has the largest bulk material transportation fleet in Hungary and has a significant capacity at European level as well. The Révész Trans Kft. started its operation in 1998, specialised in the transportation of silo and ADR materials. Its central site is the MOL Industrial site in Tiszaújváros.

The company is specialised in the transportation of silo materials (bulk powder and granulated materials), liquid chemicals, industrial and medical liquids and bottled goods. The targeted client segment requires very high availability and perfect performance, therefore, the mean age of the fleet is constantly kept at a very low level. Owing to our work performed so far, the number of orders is continuously increasing, which can be performed only by the replacement of the current vehicles to more modern ones and by the acquisition of new trucks.


Quality assurance and
environmental management

The quality assurance systems operated according to the ISO standards provide a framework for the continuous improvement of our activity.

The operation of the quality assurance systems and the compliance with the requirements are continuously monitored and analysed by our experts and they take prompt measures to correct any incidental mistake.

Considering our renowned clients with large capacity and by cooperating with them, the validity of our quality management systems (quality assurance systems and environmental management systems) and certificates are continuously verified.

Our clients regularly perform supplier audits. The outstanding results serve as the foundation of our further cooperation and they are perfect references for invitation to tenders.


Our company has the following certificates:

ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015; certification body: Dekra Certification Kft.


9001 hun tc p    14001 hun tc p


For the establishment and the efficient use of the quality management system meeting the requirements of the certificate.

NKH 2/2010 certification body: Dekra Certification Kft.

Certified technical and environmental protection testing

GMP+B4 certification body: Lloyd’s Register LRQA

Certificate on the road transport of feeds GMP + B4: TRANSPORT

Safety and Quality Assessment System certification body: CEFIC

This system operates on a basis of a single standardised evaluation made uniformly by independent inspectors, which evaluates the activity of
transportation companies in terms of quality, safety and environment protection. Certificate on the safety and quality testing of the service.

ISO 50001:2015 certification body: Lloyd’s Register LRQA


The Energy Management System of the Révész Trans Kft. is supervised and evaluated by the Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance. The audited energy management system complies with the following standard.

European Road Safety Charter

The aim of the Charter is to acknowledge the contribution for the road safety of civil society. The mission of the European Road Safety Charter today is to encourage
support and widen this community with the final vision to decrease the number of fatal road accidents by 2020.




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Révész Trans Kft.

Correspondence address: 3581. Tiszaújváros, MOL Ipartelep Pf. 199. See on map >

  +36 49 887 410       This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.     
Fax: +36 49 887-411

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