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Révész Eurosilo Kft.


In the field of silo transportation, we offer professional solutions to precisely serve the manufacturing process of our partners all over Europe.
Our state-of-the-art trucks complying fully with all requirements and our trained colleagues ensure that your cargo gets to its destination in time.
In our strict quality assurance system, the cleanness of the silos is of outstanding importance. Rapid offloading is ensured by modern, low-noise and air-cooled compressors on the silo trucks.
The silo trailers are suitable to carry bulk products at a capacity of 57-60 m3, in which we transport flour, granules and sand based on the orders of our partners.

Short introduction of the company

The T+F Kft. started as a family business in 1991. Since then, it has become one of the most important actor of the market in the Western Transdanubian region.   The main profile of the company is the international transportation of bulk products all over Europe. In the summer of 2018, the company became the member of the Révész Logisztikai Holding Zrt. By maintaining all of its values, the company is operating as an individual company with an own site and a new professional management.

Our company has 75 trucks including state-of-the-art DAF and MERCEDES tractors. Within our scope of services, we are transporting everything to our partners, from foodstuffs, viasand up to chemicals. Our most important transport destination is Western Europe. Among our partners, there are Hungarian companies and foreign multinational corporations as well.

Our company consists of appropriately trained and experienced drivers and of administrators knowing all necessary fields. Well-being at work is very important for us and much attention is paid to the ergonomic working environment. All employees of our company think in terms of a team to solve the tasks, as it is our philosophy to achieve our set goals jointly and to strive for continuous development. It is important for us to perform the orders with the highest possible expertise, therefore, we continuously train our colleagues. We are proud of our colleagues who are devoted to our company and we honour their outstanding performance within the framework of our incentive scheme.


Our mission

Quality transport of goods for our partners, high-precision performance of orders with great attention, efficient communication both with our partners and the local authorities and respect and attention to our colleagues and clients are the centre of our mission.




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