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Révész Automotive Trans Kft.

With our special car transport trucks, we are professionally and reliably transporting almost any kinds of cars all over Europe with maximum loading factor.
With our diversified and state-of-the-art fleet, we offer appropriate and safe transportation solution for every car type.
Our primary aim is the safety and the timely and rapid transportation of vehicles. To do so, we have trained staff to perform the transportation task with the highest possible precision and care.
We are ready to be a long-term strategic partner, if you need a safe and professional car transport fleet.


The Révész Automotive Trans Kft. was founded in August 2011 by the Révész Logisztikai Holding Zrt. with the aim of finished car transport within Europe. Our main profile is the long-range transportation within Europe, which can be estimated to be thousands of trucks on the basis of the market size. Within the framework of a long-term partnership agreement, we are performing the orders of the Gefco, owing to which we are able to promptly participate in businesses exceeding the capacity of Hungarian hauliers.

From administrative point of view, we are applying the quality standards of the Gefco Magyarország company together with an operative performance evaluation system with which we are able to effectively analyse and interpret our transportation data.





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